Making a Case for the Case: Do You Still Need a Case for Your Smartphone?

Broken Mobile Phone

Your smartphone is your travel companion, personal assistant, entertainment provider, and connection to the world when you're out and about. It's also small, costs hundreds of dollars, and is easy to drop at the most inopportune times. While smartphone technology and build quality has come a long way since the first models, these devices are not made to take a fall gracefully. If you're lucky, you have insurance and your wireless company won't find a loophole around it. If not, you'll have one expensive paperweight. Smartphone cases give you the necessary protection to avoid major damage, along with a few extra benefits.

Prevent Dents and Cracks

Cases for smartphones help to prevent dents, cracks, and shattered screens if you drop your phone or it gets knocked off the table. Some cases also include a screen protector, which cuts down on cracked screens. By protecting your smartphone, you keep it functional even after a bad fall. Without a case, even the smallest fall could lead to a major break that makes it hard or impossible to even use your phone.

Show Your Personality

Smartphone cases go beyond functionality; they also give you an opportunity to show off your personality. Cases for smartphones come in countless styles and shapes, so if you want a day-glo green case that you can see for miles, you have that option. Novelty cases change the standard shape, so you can haul around an ice cream cone, cat, or even a dinosaur. The case you choose can tell people a lot about your style or your interests.

Retain Your Resale Value

Smartphones can cost hundreds of dollars, and it's nice to recoup that value when the inevitable model upgrades happen and you need the new, shiny version of your phone. By keeping your phone in a case, you can get the maximum value for your smartphone if you trade it in or sell it directly.

It's hard to imagine life without a smartphone, so it's important to keep it safe, sound, and functioning. Even if you're the most careful person in the world, accidents can happen; it's important to use a smartphone case to keep your phone safe.